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Weaviate: The AI-native database

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Weaviate is an AI-native database designed to bring intuitive applications to life with reduced data leakage and vendor lock-in. It offers features like Hybrid Search, which merges vector and keyword techniques to deliver contextual and precise results across all data modalities. Additionally, Weaviate provides RAG for building trustworthy generative AI applications and Generative Feedback Loops to enrich datasets with AI-generated answers, improving personalization and reducing manual data cleaning time.

Weaviate aims to empower every developer to build AI-native applications on a flexible, reliable, open-source platform. It offers resources for developers of all levels and supports the development of production-ready AI applications. The tool boasts Hybrid Search made easy, pluggable ML models, cost-efficient scalability, and secure, flexible deployment options.

With Weaviate, users can easily integrate their own vectors or choose from out-of-the-box modules with support for vectorization. The tool allows for easy connection to popular ML models, improving semantic understanding and accuracy. Weaviate can be run securely, flexibly, and reliably at scale, available as a self-hosted database, managed service, or Kubernetes package in a VPC.

Notable features of Weaviate include built-in hybrid search, advanced filtering, out-of-the-box RAG for interacting with ML models securely, vectorizer modules for generating new vector embeddings, configurable backups without downtime, native multi-tenancy for efficient resource consumption, vector index compression for improved memory footprint, and tenant isolation for enhanced security. With over 20 ecosystem integrations, Weaviate enables users to move faster by directly integrating into the ML ecosystem.

Weaviate – Features

  • AI-native database for intuitive applications with less data leakage
  • Hybrid search for precise results across all data modalities
  • Trustworthy generative AI applications with privacy and security focus
  • Generative feedback loops to enrich dataset with AI-generated answers
  • Flexible and open-source platform for building AI-native applications
  • Easy integrations with popular ML models for faster development
  • Secure, flexible, and cost-efficient deployment options
  • Built-in hybrid search, advanced filtering, and configurable backups for efficient data management

Weaviate – Pricing

Weaviate offers a variety of pricing plans, including Weaviate Serverless Cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing, Weaviate Cloud with consumption-based charges, Weaviate Enterprise Cloud with annual contracts, Bring Your Own Cloud with annual contracts based on CPU + RAM utilization, and Education & Training with self-service support and training options.

Visit weaviate.io for more.

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