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Eleven Labs offers a Generative Voice AI tool that allows users to convert text to speech online for free with their AI voice generator. This tool is ideal for video creators, developers, and businesses looking to create high-quality spoken audio in any language. The AI voice generator is powered by an AI model that can render human intonation and inflections with exceptional accuracy, adjusting the delivery based on context.

With Eleven Labs, users can voice any length of text in various languages, with a focus on longer texts for optimal results. This tool is not only beneficial for creating videos but also for bringing fictional characters to life, adding emotions to stories, enhancing gaming experiences, and creating engaging audiobooks. Additionally, businesses can utilize this tool to develop AI chatbots with human-like voices for a more natural and interactive user experience.

The AI voice generator supports 29 languages and diverse accents, allowing users to create new and unique synthetic voices in minutes using advanced Generative AI technology. With features like voice cloning, voice sharing within a community, dubbing studio capabilities, and speech-to-speech editing for voiceovers, Eleven Labs offers a versatile and comprehensive tool for creating lifelike audio experiences.

Furthermore, the tool is powered by cutting-edge research in generative AI, demonstrating a commitment to advancing AI speech synthesis and pushing the boundaries of possibility in speech technology. With recent updates introducing features like Dubbing Studio for precise video localization, Speech to Speech for voice transformation, and Turbo v2 for faster model performance, Eleven Labs continues to enhance its AI voice generator to meet the evolving needs of users.

Overall, Eleven Labs’ Generative Voice AI is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to incorporate high-quality, natural-sounding speech into their content creation processes, catering to a wide range of industries and applications.

Eleven Labs – Features

  • Generative Voice AI tool to convert text to speech in multiple languages
  • Ability to voice any length of text in top quality with automatic matching of content and delivery
  • Create AI-generated audio for videos, stories, gaming, audiobooks, and AI chatbots
  • Advanced AI Text to Speech technology with 29 languages and 120 voices
  • VoiceLab feature for creating new and unique synthetic voices within minutes
  • Voice Cloning feature to create a digital voice that sounds like a real human
  • Dubbing Studio for localizing videos with precise control over transcript, translation, timing, and more
  • Speech to Speech feature for editing and fine-tuning voiceovers while maintaining emotional range and consistent quality

Eleven Labs – Pricing

Free plan with 10,000 characters per month. Starter plan at $5/month for 30,000 characters. Creator plan at $11/month for 100,000 characters. Pro plan at $99/month for 500,000 characters. Scale plan at $330/month for 2,000,000 characters. Annual plans include 2 months free.

Visit elevenlabs.io for more.

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