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Sierra: Conversational AI for customer services

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Sierra is a cutting-edge business tool that aims to transform customer experience by deploying AI agents that engage and delight customers in a natural, conversational manner. This platform allows businesses to provide real-time support to customers, even in the case of complex issues, while continuously adapting and improving through analytics and reporting.

With Sierra, companies can customize their AI agents to reflect their brand tone and voice, ensuring a personalized and authentic customer service experience. The AI agents are designed to solve problems efficiently, take action on systems, and deliver empathetic support by mirroring human communication nuances. Beyond just answering questions, Sierra’s AI agents can take action to solve customer problems, improve self-service resolution rates, and decrease average handle time.

Additionally, Sierra ensures safety and security through strict guidelines for trust, compliance, and privacy. It offers supervision tools to track interactions, secure integration with systems, auditing capabilities, and data governance measures. The platform is scalable to handle surges in consumer demand effortlessly, providing 24/7 customer service support.

Moreover, Sierra constantly learns from interactions to improve its performance and help customer service teams manage escalations effectively. By providing live summaries, automatic tagging, and integrated quality assurance, Sierra enables businesses to monitor and adjust their AI agents’ performance in real-time.

Ultimately, Sierra aims to empower businesses to deliver intuitive and authentic customer service interactions, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved business outcomes. It is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience through AI-driven solutions that are safe, secure, and constantly improving.

Sierra – Features

  • Transform customer experience through natural, conversational interactions
  • Deploy an AI agent that is always available, empathetic, and aligned to your brand tone
  • Enable the AI agent to help customers in real-time with complex issues
  • Ground your AI agent with company’s identity, policies, processes, and knowledge
  • Monitor, supervise, and continuously improve the AI agent with real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Connect AI agent to systems of record for instant actions like processing exchanges or updating subscriptions
  • Provide intuitive and authentic conversations mirroring human communication nuances

Sierra – Pricing

Available upon request.

Visit sierra.ai for more.

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