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Scale: Unlocking the power of AI for enterprises

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Scale is a business tool that leverages enterprise data to unlock the value of AI through its Scale Data Engine and Scale GenAI Platform. Whether you are building your own models or applying foundation models to your business, Scale helps overcome the biggest bottleneck to AI, which is data. Scale partners with leading AI models, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Google PaLM, and Cohere, to adapt these models to your specific data and build sustainable AI programs.

Scale’s Data Engine enables the integration of enterprise data into these models, providing a base for long-term strategic differentiation. The tool improves AI models by enhancing data quality and power the next generation of generative AI through RLHF, data generation, model evaluation, safety, and alignment. Scale also offers data labeling services using AI-based techniques combined with human-in-the-loop, delivering high-quality and scalable labeled data for various types of data including 3D, image, mapping, text, and audio.

Additionally, Scale provides dataset management, testing, model evaluation, and model comparison tools to help businesses intelligently manage their datasets, maximize the value of labeling budgets, and identify the highest value data to label. With pre-built applications harnessing the power of customized LLMs, Scale makes it easy to apply AI to challenging use cases. If you are looking to improve your AI models, effectively integrate enterprise data, and apply AI to complex use cases, Scale may be a suitable tool for your business.

Scale – Features

  • Scale Data Engine leverages enterprise data for creating AI models
  • Scale GenAI Platform unlocks the value of AI with the best data
  • Adapts foundation models to specific data for sustainable AI programs
  • Integrates with leading AI models like OpenAI, Google PaLM, Cohere, etc.
  • Data labeling for 3D, image, mapping, text, and audio with high quality and scalability
  • Dataset management tools for intelligent data curation
  • Pre-built applications for applying AI to challenging use cases.

Scale – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

Visit scale.com for more.

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