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PremAI: Upgrade your AI strategy with ownership and control

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PremAI is a business tool that aims to elevate your AI strategy by providing ownership and control over the generative AI solutions you build. The platform offers a user-friendly development environment for developers to create AI solutions with ease. Additionally, it offers tailored model fine-tuning and training for businesses to meet their unique requirements.

One of the key features of PremAI is its emphasis on data sovereignty and ownership. By using this tool, businesses can gain independence from relying solely on OpenAI while transitioning smoothly to diverse open-source and proprietary models, retaining full control over their intellectual capital. The platform also allows for customization, enabling users to fine-tune and train models according to their specific needs for optimized performance.

PremAI also offers small language models (SLMs) for research purposes, ensuring state-of-the-art efficiency without compromising on quality. The tool has served over 15 enterprise clients successfully, with 20k users benefiting from its platform and over 30 trained/fine-tuned models.

For businesses looking to enhance their AI strategy, PremAI offers a solution to upcoming AI challenges through tailored model fine-tuning and training. The tool follows a structured process, starting with requirement gathering and moving through proof of concept, collaborative validation, minimum viable product development, production excellence, and continuous optimization.

Key benefits of using PremAI include unlocking the advantages of proprietary models with seamless integration and privacy control, gaining independence from relying solely on OpenAI, and ensuring data sovereignty by running models on your infrastructure. With services such as Large Language Model Integration, RAG & Fine-tuning, Foundational Model Training, and Custom Generative AI Model Development, PremAI aims to help businesses harness the transformative potential of AI effectively.

PremAI – Features

  • Intuitive platform for building generative AI solutions
  • Tailored model fine-tuning and training for unique business requirements
  • Collaboration with universities for cutting-edge research
  • Data sovereignty and ownership for independence from OpenAI
  • Customization and on-premise deployment for control over sensitive data assets
  • Enterprise-ready solutions with proven success
  • Comprehensive open-source AI resources for staying updated
  • Proven process for creating and optimizing AI solutions to meet business needs

PremAI – Pricing

Available upon request.

Visit premai.io for more.

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