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Osum: AI-powered market research

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Osum is a powerful business tool designed to assist business managers in making informed strategic decisions quickly and efficiently. With the ability to generate detailed competitive research, SWOT analysis, buyer personas, and growth opportunities at the push of a button, Osum allows users to focus more on strategy and execution. By utilizing customer insights, businesses can increase revenue and profits while outperforming competitors in revenue and sales. The tool also provides a full SWOT analysis of any business or product within seconds, leading to informed strategic planning and potentially increased ROI.

Additionally, Osum offers in-depth product reports that delve into every aspect of business product research, enabling the crafting of effective actionable strategies that can lead to revenue increases, lead generation, and faster lead conversion. By uncovering buyer personas, users can gain a more precise understanding of their ideal buyer profiles, ultimately driving higher quality leads and increased revenue.

Osum aims to revolutionize the way businesses approach market research by providing a streamlined, AI-powered platform that delivers actionable insights in seconds. By automating competitor analysis and market insights, Osum allows users to achieve spectacular results in their careers and businesses. So, if you are a business manager looking to supercharge your market research and make data-driven decisions, Osum is the tool for you.

Osum – Features

  • Instant access to competitive research, SWOT analysis, and buyer personas
  • Increase revenue and profits through customer insights
  • Generate in-depth business and product research reports
  • Uncover buyer personas to understand target audience
  • Create sales prospect profiles for actionable insights
  • Supercharge market research with AI automation
  • Be more customer-centric based on insights
  • Access strategic planning tools for forward planning and implementation goals

Osum – Pricing

Osum offers four pricing plans: Pro for freelancers & consultants at $149.99/month, Expert for startups & small teams at $249.99/month, Business for agencies & businesses at $499.99/month, and Enterprise for large agencies at $2,499.99/month. Discounts available for annual payments.

Visit osum.com for more.

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