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Fynk: AI for contract management

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Fynk is a comprehensive contract management software that aims to streamline and simplify the entire contract lifecycle for businesses. With features such as AI contract analysis, dynamic content filling, collaborative editing, approval workflows, electronic signatures, and data-driven contract review, fynk offers a range of tools to help teams save time and improve efficiency in managing contracts.

One of the key features of fynk is its AI contract analysis, which allows users to upload contracts for detailed analysis of the data within. This feature enables users to kickstart digital contracting workflows quickly and easily. Additionally, fynk offers powerful templating, dynamic content filling, and integrations with other tools to ensure that contracts are created, reviewed, and signed efficiently.

Furthermore, fynk provides collaborative editing capabilities that allow teams to work together in real-time to review, approve, comment, and propose changes to contracts. The software also offers secure approval workflows, version tracking, and comprehensive audit logs to ensure full insight and control over the contract management process.

In terms of security and compliance, fynk is 100% protected and GDPR-compliant, making it a suitable choice for European businesses. The software also offers extensive integrations with CRM systems and other workflow tools to further enhance productivity and efficiency.

Overall, fynk is a robust contract management solution designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to improve their contract management processes. Whether it’s creating, reviewing, tracking, or signing contracts, fynk offers a range of features and tools to help businesses save time and streamline their contract workflows effectively.

fynk – Features

  • AI Contract Analysis: Upload contracts for detailed analysis
  • Template Creation: Create reusable templates for contracts
  • Dynamic Content: Fill contracts with dynamic data from external sources
  • Collaborative Editing: Real-time collaboration with team and external users
  • Electronic Signature: Secure e-signing process compliant with eIDAS standards
  • Approval & Workflows: Define approval checkpoints and transparent version tracking
  • Data-Driven Contract Review: AI-driven analytics for faster insights
  • GDPR Compliance: Enterprise-grade security and GDPR compliant for data protection

fynk – Pricing

Fynk offers simple and transparent pricing for contract management software. The free plan includes basic features, with paid plans starting at $69/month for Essential, $199/month for Growth, and $299/month for Advanced. A custom Pro plan is available for companies needing dedicated support and integrations.

Visit fynk.com for more.

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