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Eightify: AI video summaries across 40 languages

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Eightify is an AI YouTube tool designed to help individuals save time by summarizing key points from videos in a matter of seconds. This tool is particularly useful for business managers who are constantly inundated with large amounts of content and need to extract crucial information quickly. Eightify covers a variety of topics such as AI, Business, Finance, News, and Health, making it versatile for different industries.

One of the key features of Eightify is its ability to provide TLDR summaries, allowing users to grasp the main ideas of a video in a matter of seconds. In addition to this, users can access key insights from the video, making it easier to extract the most important information without having to watch hours of content. With translations available in over 40 languages, language barriers are eliminated, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Furthermore, Eightify provides timestamped breakdowns of videos, enabling users to navigate through content more efficiently. The tool is not limited to just summarizing YouTube videos; users can also summarize their own videos by uploading them as unlisted on YouTube. Sharing these summaries with colleagues, friends, or on social media is simple and straightforward.

While Eightify currently only supports YouTube videos, it is available as an iOS app and as extensions for Chrome and Safari desktop browsers, ensuring that users can access the tool on the go. By utilizing a combination of AI technology and OpenAI GPT, Eightify delivers high-quality summaries that prioritize the main points of a video.

In conclusion, Eightify is a valuable tool for business managers who are looking to streamline their content consumption process and extract key information efficiently. With its user-friendly interface, diverse language support, and easy sharing capabilities, Eightify is a practical solution for those looking to optimize their video-watching experience.

Eightify – Features

  • Save time on long videos by getting key ideas instantly
  • Chrome extension for easy access
  • AI technology to find key points in various topics
  • Summarize YouTube videos with ChatGPT
  • Translations available in 40+ languages
  • Timestamped breakdowns for easy navigation
  • Shareable summaries for sharing insights with others

Eightify – Pricing

Free Chrome extension.

Visit eightify.app for more.

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