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Crowdbotics: Build software faster and cheaper, without coding

Crowdbotics is an innovative app development platform that offers a better way to build software, allowing businesses to launch their applications three times faster and cheaper. Rather than starting from scratch, users can take advantage of Crowdbotics’ off-the-shelf build plans, which include thousands of reusable requirements and modules of code. This not only speeds up the development process but also saves on costs.

Additionally, Crowdbotics provides on-demand talent for hiring extra development resources when needed for custom features. The platform utilizes historical build data to make informed tradeoffs about product scope, ensuring that development stays on track and within budget. With fixed, predictable costs, users can start with an all-in minimum viable product (MVP) cost estimate and then transition to a fixed monthly contract for any additional work.

One of the key features of Crowdbotics is its real-time cost estimate calculator, which allows users to quickly determine the cost of building a custom app. Once the app is ready for launch, users can easily go live with just a click, publishing directly from the platform dashboard to web, on-premise, or iOS and Android app stores.

Crowdbotics also offers custom DevSecOps solutions, giving users the option to use pre-configured build and testing pipelines or to create their own. The platform ensures full code transparency and accessibility, allowing users to access their source code at any time via two-way Git repo sync. Importantly, all code is written in ordinary open-source frameworks, ensuring that users retain full ownership of their intellectual property with no lock-in.

Designed for mission-critical use cases, Crowdbotics is suitable for a variety of roles including product managers, CTOs, engineering managers, and project managers across industries such as healthcare, technology, education, finance, legal, logistics, government, and non-profit organizations. With use cases ranging from digital transformation development to regulatory compliance, Crowdbotics is a versatile tool for businesses looking to streamline their app development process and launch successful applications quickly.

Crowdbotics – Features

  • Off-the-shelf build plans
  • On-demand talent for custom features
  • Historical build data for informed decisions
  • Fixed, predictable costs
  • Real-time cost estimate calculator
  • One-click app publishing
  • Custom DevSecOps pipelines
  • Full code access with no lock-in

Crowdbotics – Pricing

Free plan available for idea planning. Custom quote for live MVP within 90 days. Fixed monthly subscription for continued growth post-MVP delivery. Enterprise CodeOps platform available for those spending over $100K/month. Subscription plans include Pro ($199/month), Advanced ($499/month), and Custom Enterprise plans.

Visit crowdbotics.com for more.

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