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CoreWeave: The ultimate GPU cloud

CoreWeave is a cutting-edge cloud provider that specializes in delivering a vast number of NVIDIA GPUs on top of a flexible and fast infrastructure. With a modern infrastructure and best-in-class tech stack consisting of various components such as Vast Data, Resilio, AMD, Nvidia, Kubernetes, and more, CoreWeave offers unparalleled access to a wide range of compute solutions.

The CoreWeave Cloud Architecture is optimized for large-scale, GPU-accelerated workloads and is designed to be up to 35 times faster and 80% less expensive than traditional cloud providers. With 14 Tier 4 data centers in North America, CoreWeave ensures reduced latency and high availability for its clients.

Whether you need GPU compute, CPU compute, Kubernetes for containerized deployments, virtual servers for VM deployments, flexible storage solutions, or high-performance networking, CoreWeave has you covered. Their GPU Compute offering provides access to the industry’s broadest range of NVIDIA GPUs on demand, while their CPU Compute option offers massive scale for general-purpose compute projects.

For those looking for containerized deployments, CoreWeave offers fully managed Kubernetes services that deliver the performance of bare metal without the infrastructure overhead. Virtual Servers allow for easy deployment and management of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated and CPU-only virtual servers, while Storage solutions provide fault-tolerant and scalable storage options.

CoreWeave’s networking capabilities ensure endless horizontal scaling with built-in routing, switching, firewalling, and load-balancing features, all without charging for egress. Whether you are working on machine learning and AI projects, VFX and rendering tasks, or pixel streaming applications, CoreWeave provides compute resources that match the complexity of your models and accelerate your workflows.

Overall, CoreWeave is a versatile and reliable cloud provider that empowers engineers and innovators to create and innovate with ease by providing access to scalable, high-performance computing resources.

CoreWeave – Features

  • Specialized cloud for GPU-accelerated workloads
  • Broad range of NVIDIA GPUs for optimal performance
  • Fully-managed Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Bare metal nodes without hypervisor for dedicated resources
  • Serverless architecture for easy code deployment
  • Cloud Native Networking for firewall and load balancing
  • High-performance NVMe File System Volumes for distributed workloads
  • Accelerated Object Storage for quick loading of models

CoreWeave – Pricing

CoreWeave Cloud offers customizable pricing for CPU, GPU, and storage. GPU instances range from $0.24 to $4.76 per hour based on GPU model, while CPU instance pricing starts at $0.0125 per vCPU. Storage is priced per GB per month with options for different storage types.

Visit coreweave.com for more.

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