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BlackSharkAI: Revolutionizing geospatial insights and 3D environments

BLACKSHARK is a cutting-edge business tool that offers an end-to-end geospatial platform for generating real-time, accurate, semantic, and photorealistic 3D digital twins of the entire planet. The platform extracts insights about the planet’s infrastructure from current satellite and aerial imagery using machine learning at a global scale. It enriches missing attributes with AI to provide a photorealistic, geo-typical, or asset-specific digital twin that can be used for visualization, simulation, mapping, mixed reality environments, and other enterprise solutions. The platform’s massive cloud-computing capability enables rapid updates at any time.

One of BLACKSHARK’s key features is ORCA™HUNTR, which gives customers the unique power to identify any object on the Earth’s surface with unprecedented ease and precision. It is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool designed to deliver rapid and accurate results without the need for coding experience.

Another feature of BLACKSHARK is SYNTH3D, a synthetic, realistic 3D replica of the surface of our planet with semantic information derived from 2D satellite and aerial imagery. The data is streamed from BLACKSHARK’s servers and rendered into a realistic environment at runtime, including terrain elevation, buildings, vegetation coverage, and infrastructure.

BLACKSHARK’s technology enabled Microsoft’s Flight Simulator to display the surface of the entire planet in 3D with over 1.5 billion photorealistic buildings, providing users with an unprecedented immersive 3D flight experience. This technology is now available for professional flight simulation and image generator solutions.

In addition to flight simulation, BLACKSHARK’s platform can be used for smart city visualization, UAV and EVTOL training, imagery-derived synthetic environments, global multi-domain training, urban planning, insurance risk analysis, and more. The platform offers synthetic training data, synthetic ML object detection, AV training scenarios, accurate semantic volumes, geospatial analytics, large-scale change detection, city planning, vegetation management, and more.

Overall, BLACKSHARK provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for businesses and organizations looking to leverage geospatial data for a variety of applications, from simulation and visualization to training and risk analysis.


  • End-to-end geospatial platform
  • No code data labeling
  • Geointelligence at scale
  • 3D semantic map
  • ORCA™HUNTR object identification
  • Blackshark.ai SYNTH3D synthetic 3D replica
  • Digital airports for UAV training
  • Synthetic ML object detection


Pricing for BLACKSHARK’s geospatial platform and global 3D digital twin is available upon request. Users can request a demo by providing information about themselves and their use case.

Visit blackshark.ai for more.

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