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Bardeen: Automate sales with Ai

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Bardeen Field Guide to Automate Sales is a cutting-edge business tool that offers an AI agent to handle repetitive sales tasks, allowing business managers to increase their impact, save time, and leverage AI technology. This platform seamlessly integrates with various apps and websites, enabling users to automate tasks such as filling out forms, sending messages, and generating reports without the need for clunky builders or complex interfaces.

Bardeen is designed to function as a proactive teammate, taking care of the busywork and freeing up valuable time for users. By creating workflows that automate repetitive tasks triggered by user actions or changes in connected apps, Bardeen streamlines processes and boosts productivity. The tool is built to empower users by complementing their work rather than replacing them, recognizing that individuals know their processes best.

With functionality that goes beyond simple connectivity, Bardeen operates in a way that mimics human interactions with the web and important apps. Building automations is effortless, as users can simply describe tasks to the MagicBox to automate them, eliminating the need for intricate builders or scripts. Additionally, the upcoming Automation Assistant will offer proactive automations tailored to individual workflows.

Bardeen is suitable for a wide range of users, including sales teams, recruiters, founders, market researchers, and more. With the ability to integrate with an expanding list of apps and websites, Bardeen offers solutions for various industries and organizational sizes, from personal users to enterprise businesses. By sharing innovative workflows, teams can maximize their potential and boost productivity across the entire organization. With features like lead prospecting, personal productivity enhancements, and market research capabilities, Bardeen is a powerful and flexible tool that empowers users to focus on solving problems for customers.

Bardeen – Features

  • Effortlessly automate tasks in apps
  • Increase impact and save time
  • Integrate apps and websites
  • Perform tasks and actions automatically
  • Create workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • Bardeen works like an AI-powered extension
  • Building automations with just words
  • Proactive Automation Assistant for personalized automations

Bardeen – Pricing

Bardeen offers three pricing plans – Free for individuals and small teams, Professional for advanced users at $10 per month, and Business for teams at $15 per month. Enterprise plans are customizable. Bardeen can save users up to $990 a month in time value.

Visit bardeen.ai for more.

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