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Unemployment rate in Australia stays at 5.1 percent

Australia’s unemployment rate for September has remained at 5.1 percent, however almost 50,000 more people gained employment during the month according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Unemployment RateThe number of employed in Australia increased by 49,500 people to 11.325 million in September (seasonally adjusted) according to the latest Labour Force Statistics report from the ABS.

Increases in those employed full time drove the increase as businesses ramp up capacity and return those who dropped back to part-time work during the global financial crisis back to full time employment. There were an additional 55,800 people employed full time in September taking the total to 7.985 million, unfortunately this increase was partially offset by a decrease in part time employment, which was down 6,300 people to 3.340 million.

The total number of unemployed people increased in September however, with an additional 2,400 people to 611,000 who considered themselves unemployed despite the aforementioned growth in employment during the month, this took the participation rate in September 0.2 percentage points higher to 65.6 per cent according to the ABS.

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