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Promotions expected by experienced employees

Employees with more experience are more likely to expect a promotion, according to new research released by professional network LinkedIn.

LinkedIn partnered with CensusWide for the Life of a Professional study, which surveyed over 6,000 students and professionals across Australia, India, Hong Kong and Singapore.

77 per cent of Australian professionals with 1-5 years experience and 69 per cent of with 6-10 years experience said they expect an offer of promotion within two years at their current job.

“Mid-career professionals are more assertive in getting what they want out of their career and employers,” Nourish career coach Sally-Anne Blanshard said.

“As seen in the survey results, they value greater opportunities at work, financial rewards and a good team to work with. Employers need to think about how they can best cater to the needs of mid-career professionals to ensure they are continually engaged by creating opportunities that challenge them, meet their professional goals and also help them achieve a healthy work-life balance.”

46 per cent of professionals with 1-5 years of experience said they would consider changing jobs within two years in their current position, as did 36 per cent of those with 6-10 years experience.

An offer of a pay rise would see 77 per cent of those with 1-5 and 6-10 years experience choose to stay longer at the current job, while improved career opportunities was cited as a reason to stay for 58 per cent for those with 1-5 years experience and 54 per cent of 6-10 years.

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