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New website allowing staff to review employers goes live

A website aimed at creating a novel “workplace community” has officially gone live, which will allow staff to anonymously review both past and present employers.

The cheekily-named Naked Office has taken inspiration from the enduring online trend of reviewing everything from hot-dog stands to hotels and applied it to the workplace. The revolutionary site offers employees the opportunity to post completely anonymous reviews and ratings of both past and present employers. Employers are themselves able to create a company profile through which they can manage their corporate image.

Unlike other review-based sites that require reviewers to log-on, Naked Office reviewers need only provide their email address in order to submit a review. To protect reviewers’ privacy, these details, along with any other personal information provided voluntarily by the reviewer, are never disclosed to a third party.

The process of submitting a review is quick and easy. Once employees have selected their employer from an existing list or created a new entry, they can choose a rating from “terrible!” to “good!” that best describes the company’s culture, pay and benefits, career opportunities and competency of management. Important yet often overlooked aspects such as the company’s location, its health and safety program and environmental program can also be rated.

Next, employees compose their written review and are encouraged to include both negative and positive comments. The final step in the review process allows employees to identify their workplace’s benefits from a list of perks ranging from onsite childcare or gym facilities to additional annual leave and share options. There even exists an option to upload a photo or company logo.

To ensure only genuine reviews are posted, each submission is read through by Naked Office staff prior to posting; blatant, personal attacks or malicious comments are not posted. These measures, coupled with the rigorous review process, aim to provide visitors to the site with a vast, varied and reliable catalogue of company profiles from workers of all types and across all industries.

According to a Naked Office spokesperson told Dynamic Business the site aspires to become the go-to destination for those planning their next career move. Companies registered with the site are able to engage job seekers by advertising vacancies on their profile, although the most effective mode of promotion comes in the form of positive employee comments. To garner such glowing reviews companies are encouraged to focus upon simply treating their staff well.

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Gillian Wolski

Gillian Wolski

Gillian is an intern at Dynamic Business. She is completing an Arts degree at Sydney University majoring in English and Medieval Studies. She likes reading books and magazines, having cups of tea with friends and going to the occasional gym class.

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