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It’s time to cultivate corporate wellbeing and GROW productivity

Work-life balance is a term that is often bandied around the office, yet there’s no doubt mobile technology is one of the leading factors fuelling Australia’s ‘always-on’ culture, which is eroding the boundaries between work and personal life.

According to WellBeing GROW Managing Director Charles Hunter, “Burnout, that is driven by prolonged workplace pressure is becoming more common place.  However, mental health awareness is also on the increase, which is positive.”

He said the cost of poor mental health in the workplace was estimated to cost the Australian economy $11B and with Australian workers reported to take a astounding 90 million sick days off every year, it is important for businesses to implement effective workplace wellness programs, such as WellBeing GROW.

“Many companies don’t realise that investment in workplace wellbeing positively affects the bottom line such as reducing absenteeism and increasing staff output,” he said.

“Business leaders need to accept they are responsible for the wellbeing of their people both at work and outside of work.  People spend 2,000 hours of their lives each year in the work place, which is equivalent to about ¼ of their entire year.

“The announcement about James Packer highlights that anyone can suffer from poor mental health and the importance of seeking help.”

He said one of the biggest traps that companies fall into is assuming they ‘know’ their employees.

“Most companies implement programs that senior management think their people need, not what their people really need, which is why WellBeing GROWs tailored program assists businesses to enforce lasting cultural change and maximise talent acquisition, retention and productivity.”

WellBeing GROW was developed by leading experts in fields such as clinical psychology, medical science, nutrition and fitness to implement corporate wellbeing strategies.

WellBeing GROW’s wellness training programs are based on 5 key pillars: Mind, Body, Sleep, Nutrition and Community. They conduct extensive employee research within a business and develop programs tailored to the needs and culture of each unique business.

WellBeing GROW’s top five strategies are:

  1. Start by understanding what good mental health is
  2. Understand what mental health means to you as a leader. Ask yourself, are you mentally healthy?
  3. Educate the people in your business at all levels about mental health
  4. Lead by example, speak to your staff directly about mental health. This also helps take away the stigma that is unfortunately attached to mental health
  5. Be thankful for your great people, communicate often and celebrate company wins through regular work social engagements (i.e. a morning tea for staff)

For more information visit https://www.wellbeinggrow.com/

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