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Holiday deprived Australians branded “Generation Stress”

A new survey conducted by travel service comapny Expedia has exposed young Australians to be holiday deprived and fearful of taking all their annual leave.

Gen YThe study also revealed that out of the thirteen nations surveyed Australia was the third most holiday deprived nation, with many Australians opting not to take around three and a half of the average 20 days paid vacation each year.

Australians aged between 18 and 34 are twice as likely not to take all of their annual leave than their older counterparts, due to fear that they will miss an important decision at work.

A further fifteen per cent of young Australians worry that taking all their annual leave will reflect poorly upon them in the eyes of their employers, subsequently jeapordising their job security and ability to advance.

This has earnt Young Australians a reputation as the ‘stressed generation’, with eleven per cent of young respondents claiming that work is their life and they are simply too busy to take time off.

They are also twice as likely to turn their untaken days into cash, with sixteen per cent opting for the money as opposed to the national average of eight.

Japan took the crown for the most holiday deprived country, with ninety four per cent of workers choosing not to take an average of 9 of their average 16.5 days of annual leave.

Contrastingly France has topped the list of the most holiday happy nations for the fourth straight year, recieving an average of 37.5 days of leave per year.