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Candidates seek long-term career development before money

Jobseekers in the finance industry are placing more emphasis on long-term career development than on monetary gain, suggesting the job market isn’t enjoying the same stability it did last year.

According to a survey conducted by eFinancialCareers, jobseekers said that whilst remuneration is important, a job opportunity with a visible career path is more so.

eFinancialCareers Head of Asia Pacific George McFerran said candidates are increasingly aware that markets will change in the future and their careers will also have to change.

“They are beginning to take a more long term outlook, and are boldly asking firms to identify from the outset what future opportunities may be present should they take the current role on offer.”

The survey found jobseekers are becoming more cautious about moving between roles, and are conducting more due diligence about the employer and role before committing.

Caution isn’t just evident at the interview stage, with candidates doing more of their own extensive background research into the company and the opportunity prior to applying for a role.

Whilst Australia is in better financial shape than many other world economies, candidates are also looking closely at overseas markets before making the decision to apply for a job.

According to McFerran, this behaviour was last noted in the lead-up to the GFC.

“Starting a new role always contains an element of risk. When there’s uncertainty, people need to feel even more sure that moving roles is the right thing to do, and so are more likely to spend time finding out all they can before making a decision.”

“Right now companies need to be ready to provide additional information to candidates at every stage of the recruitment process to secure the best people.”

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Lorna Brett

Lorna Brett

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