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Ensuring that your office is a pleasant place to be for you and your staff will ensure that productivity increases and staff morale is solid.

There are many ways that you can improve productivity in the workplace, but the design of your office is one that can be easily accomplished and which will show immediate improvements. According to a US study, 90 percent of American workers think that a better workplace design and layout results in a better performance by employees.

Involving your staff with the design is also important according to a University of Exeter study.

So is it time to give your workplace a makeover?

Here are some ideas as to how you can improve your office space.


Having something a bit more exciting than elevator music playing while you are working is crucial for office morale and it’s not difficult to achieve.

The Sonos system, which allows music to be controlled wirelessly throughout your home or office, is a fantastic way to allow your employees to be their own DJs. With a wide range of music available both online and connecting to an existing iTunes account, Sonos systems can be placed in strategic locations around the office so as not to disturb any employees, but can be controlled wirelessly through software downloaded onto either a desktop computer or device.

You can choose to either listen to the radio, or if you want to listen to music only without ads and talkback interfering, you can still listen to all the latest hits through Sonos’ access to thousands of free internet stations, MOG, Spotify and Songl.


While everyone needs a desk and chair, there are ways to make sure that these everyday aspects of your office can be in line with current trends and provide a comfortable space for your staff.

IKEA has launched a new range of products called its IKEA Business range, which has been tailored specifically at renovating the office environment in an innovative and affordable way. Mark Mitchinson, IKEA Business leader, recently told Dynamic Business.

“The sole purpose of this program is to work closely with business owners to cultivate a better working environment for the five million Australians working in small businesses.”

Other exciting new furniture options for your office include Priyanka Rao’s new flat-pack furniture business Evolvex. The locally made products are all eco-certified and is easy to modulate according to your space.


Adding some green to your office space could not only do wonders for your staff productivity, it can also prevent negative feelings from fostering. A UTS study revealed that offices with plants found a reduction of up to 58 percent in negative mood states.

Australian company Ambius has taken to ‘greenscaping’ your office, with options to bring nature inside through a variety of products.

Marketing manager for the company, Anne Briggs, said “With two thirds of respondents spending less than an hour outdoors on a typical work day, it is vital that we bring nature indoors. Indoor plants are an easy, cost effective way of doing this.”

In fact, as seen in this video, by choosing the right plants you can create a more refreshing workplace for yourself and your staff also.

Try bringing in some easy to manage plants like succulents or cacti into the office and see what improvements are made among your staff’s morale.

What else have you done in your office to make it more comfortable? Share your secrets below.

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Rhiannon Sawyer

Rhiannon Sawyer

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