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Why private domain registration is the best choice

Picking a domain name is one of the best and exciting things when you’re about to have your very own website – be it for your small business or for your personal use. So, you already have a list of your preferred domain names; you should have a couple or at least a top three for backup. Why the need for other options? Because when you perform a domain check, your desired domain name might come out unavailable so you need a substitute.

If luckily, your chosen domain name turns out to be available then it’s time to buy the domain name. But first, you will have to go through stuff before settling down.

First, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires your registrar to enter your contact details in WHOIS. It is a database that keeps all contact details of all the domain name registrants it accommodates. Information required includes your name, email address, phone number, and physical address.

Now this information, which are highly sensitive, can be accessed by any member of the public if they want to check out a few domain names in the registrar’s WHOIS database online. Sensitive details are out in the open – for free. Yikes!

The good part is that there’s a way for you to keep your information private by considering a private domain registration. This will protect you from any possible risks the database may trigger. Keep your private information out of the hands of those online ‘peeping toms.’ Your contact numbers and physical address will be pulled out from the listings, thus keeping you protected from strangers.

How Private Domain Registration Work

Your registrar will change your contact information using its own in the WHOIS database when you opt for private domain registration for your domain name.

This feature is considered as an add-on so expect an additional charge, apart from the domain registration fee. Thinking of all the online threats that continuously develops overtime, shelling out a few bucks for your security will pay off in the long run. Think about it as a great investment.

When you choose to go for a private domain registration, not only it protects your privacy, it also makes you stay in control, and avoid annoying solicitations.

Your Email in Disguise

Also, one of the best things about this is that your domain name administrator will arrange a unique email address. This will continuously change every week, or even a few days in the WHOIS database.

Putting a price on peace of mind and security can be so tough. It’s alright to believe that it would be greater than the normal price range associated with private domain registration, however, it’s also hard to disagree that private domain registration is inexpensive. Business costs rapidly adds up as operations goes by but securing your privacy is worth the extra cost.

Think about using private domain registration if you really have doubts on WHOIS databases’ possible misuse and dangers. With private domain registration, you can stay in control of your personal information and keep the bad guys from misusing it for their selfish intentions.


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