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The benefits of using webinars as a communication tool

Imagine having the ability to communicate with stakeholders on a regular basis, without either of you having to leave your current location. Sounds pretty handy, doesn’t it? Some very accessible technology is allowing small businesses to do just this.

As technology continues to play a major role in the way we conduct business, it comes as no surprise that organisations are turning to online methods of communication to reach out. Imagine having the ability to communicate to your stakeholders on a regular basis without either of you having to leave your current location.

Within this competitive environment it is imperative to make a concerted effort to make regular contact with your stakeholders whilst maintaining an innovative and refreshing approach in doing so. Webinars and Webcasts are now making it possible to interact, engage and cut costs with nothing more than a click of your mouse.

What are webinars/webcasts?

During the last few years the words webinar and webcast have become commonplace in the Australian workplace. Both webinars and webcasts are designed to share information with virtual audiences so it will come as no surprise that their popularity has continued to skyrocket. Applications such as online learning, shareholder updates, live announcements, product launches and hosted events are just a sampling of what is possible when using online communications.

What are the benefits?

Apart from the obvious time and cost benefits, these powerful online methods of communication allow you to communicate with a larger audience in a variety of industries.

  • Reach the unreachable: Connect with those based in rural and remote locations and reach thousands more with the broadcast of a live event.
  • Going Green: Cut down on carbon emissions and reduce unnecessary travel with instantaneous, reservation less meetings.
  • Track attendance: Monitor who registers, contributes, attends and leaves your event with the use of online reporting tools.
  • Instantaneous feedback: Create real time polls within your conference to receive instantaneous feedback. You also have the ability to create landing pages which are perfect for exit surveys.


The popularity of webinars and webcasts has also meant that it is becoming increasingly important to choose the right solution to fit your business. Here’s what we recommend considering when choosing a provider:

–       Does the provider offer local support? This is incredibly important when dealing with technology

–       What software is required when using this type of technology? You want to encourage employees to take up the service and make it easy.

–       How will the service be implemented? Does the provider have an implementation/change management plan in place to assist your organisation?

What do you think?

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Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs is an expert in conferencing technology and services. In 2007, he moved to Sydney with his family and established <a href="http://www.redbackconferencing.com.au/">Redback Conferencing</a>, a web, video and teleconferencing specialist provider.

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