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Rubrik and Microsoft join forces for AI-based cyber resilience

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company, has partnered with Microsoft to integrate Rubrik Security Cloud with Microsoft Sentinel and Azure OpenAI Service. 

This collaboration aims to enhance cyber recovery using generative AI and NLP. By combining the strengths of Rubrik and Microsoft, this integration provides actionable AI solutions to accelerate the investigation and response to cyber events, benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The new Rubrik Zero Labs’ State of Data Security report reveals that only 56 per cent of IT and security leaders in 2022 developed or reviewed an incident response plan. SMEs face the challenge of limited resources and expertise, making it even more crucial for them to have access to modern solutions. 

Security Operations Centers (SOC) and incident response teams are often overwhelmed by numerous alerts, requiring hours to sort and prioritize them. SMEs require a streamlined solution that can help them quickly investigate and remediate cyber threats.

By integrating Rubrik Security Cloud with Microsoft Sentinel, SMEs gain the ability to address evolving cyber threats and protect their sensitive information. Rubrik provides time series data insights directly into Microsoft Sentinel, empowering security and IT teams with efficient incident management capabilities. This integration offers several benefits for SMEs:

1. Streamlined Incident Creation: Rubrik Security Cloud automatically creates incidents in Microsoft Sentinel based on anomalous activity, assisting SMEs in promptly prioritizing alerts.

2. Automated Recommended Task Workstream: The integration suggests incident response tasks, enabling SMEs to investigate incidents more rapidly while preserving evidence for forensic purposes.

3. Accelerated Cyber Recovery: Rubrik generates code dynamically for investigating incidents in Microsoft Sentinel, empowering SMEs to react swiftly and maintain business resilience.

This collaboration between Rubrik and Microsoft emphasizes the importance of using AI to defend against cyber threats. SMEs can now leverage the combined power of Rubrik’s Zero Trust Data Security and Microsoft’s expertise to enhance their cyber resilience. By providing SMEs with actionable AI capabilities, this integration offers an effective solution to combat cyber risks and protect their valuable data.

Today’s announcement follows Rubrik’s initial integration with Microsoft Sentinel unveiled in October 2022, as the companies continue to enrich their long-standing strategic relationship following Microsoft’s equity investment in Rubrik in August 2021.

To learn more, visit the Rubrik and Microsoft Sentinel solution page and read more in today’s blog post.

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Yajush Gupta

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