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Storage solutions: What every business owner should know about the cloud

The cloud provides many benefits to businesses of all sizes when it comes to secure and affordable storage. However, many businesses still have their doubts, and you may too. Here are some of the most important things to know about the cloud so that you can take full advantage of it for your business.

A Brief Overview of the Cloud

When you use the cloud, you are essentially using a third-party service where your data is stored in a server that could be a long way from your business premises. As well as storage, the cloud also provides various applications that you can use without having to download them to your own system.

You are essentially outsourcing your data storage to a third-party rather than keeping it in a server on your own premises. PCMag has a good overview of cloud computing that you may find useful.

You Can Make Savings in the Cloud

If you decide to use the cloud, you may find that you can make significant savings. Storing all of your data on your premises requires a lot of hardware, and small businesses especially may not want to pay for this.

When you store your data in the cloud, you will usually only pay a monthly service fee, and you can set up immediately without the need to invest in expensive equipment.

The Cloud Is Secure

Many businesses fear that they are jeopardizing the security of their data by using cloud storage, but this does not have to be the case. Reputable cloud service providers have very strong security measures in place because they rely on strong security for their reputations.

However, it all depends on the provider. You should always do your research and make sure you only use a secure cloud hosting solution like IBM iSeries to keep your data safe.

You Can Boost Productivity Using the Cloud

The cloud also provides opportunities for increasing productivity in your workplace. It allows your employees to get access to more applications on any of their devices wherever they are located, as long as they can access the internet.

This means they can work on-the-go, and you could benefit from offering them greater flexibility. By doing this, you may help to increase productivity further because they are working in a way that suits them. Here are some more key ways that you can increase productivity in the cloud.

Some Cloud Services Are Better than Others

It’s important to know that while there are many cloud services available, some are better than others. Like everything, it is therefore well worth spending some time in choosing your provider carefully.

For example, some vendors may try to lock you into a contract, which can make it harder for you to switch vendors in the future. You should therefore check over the details of the contract carefully, and you will also want to avoid vendors that have a bad reputation.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

The cloud has so many advantages for businesses that it would be a shame to miss out on them due to a lack of knowledge on your part. So start looking into the opportunities available for your business to enjoy all of the benefits it provides.

About the Author

Evan Gregory is a small business consultant who set up on his own several years ago. A geeky guy, he enjoys seeing small business owners succeed online and offline.

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