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PhantomEye Trimble TrimTrac Locator GPS surveillance system

Want to keep track of your employees and the company car? The Trimble TrimTrac Locator GPS surveillance system monitors your car 24 hours a day, and automatically sends SMS and email notifications when the vehicle is being misused, which means you can deter speeding, unauthorised trips and theft. The newest device from PhantomEye tracks cars to the point before they go inside a tunnel or undercover car park, and records are kept for 90 days. Also, monitoring options can be fully customised, and you can unlock car doors, sound the horn, or immobilise the vehicle by using your mobile phone or PC as a remote control.
The device is priced from $600 (August 2008 price), and ongoing GPS tracking costs start at 32.3 cents per day for a parked car and increase up to 70 cents for a car on the move (costs include SIM card charges).

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