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Here’s how SMEs can outsmart big corps in talent war with AI 

Employment Hero is launching Swag, an employment super app designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) simplify hiring and attract top talent. 

Swag’s approach to matching candidates makes it different from traditional job boards. It considers skills, verified work history, and qualifications to find the best fit for a role. Employment Hero has an advantage because they have a lot of verified work history data, which helps them make accurate hiring decisions.

Employment Hero doesn’t follow the transactional model used by other platforms. Instead, they offer a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which means you can post unlimited job ads for free with Swag. This saves you the usual cost of up to $800 per ad.

The app aims to address two significant challenges in today’s job market. First, SMEs need help finding and retaining employees due to increased hiring costs and competition with larger companies. Second, many employees face financial stress, impacting their motivation at work. Swag provides advanced tools to help SMEs stand out and attract talent while offering job seekers financial benefits.

Swag significantly reduces SMEs’ costs and time to hire new employees. It uses AI to streamline various aspects of the recruiting process, including job descriptions, candidate matching, and job postings on popular platforms. SMEs can access a free job board called Swag Jobs, with no costs for posting or advertising job openings.

The app also helps SMEs provide pay-boosting benefits to employees, such as credit-free earned-wage access, cashback offers from popular brands, and discounts on everyday purchases. These benefits make SMEs more competitive in attracting and retaining employees, even against larger corporations.

Swag simplifies work-related tasks for employees, including time and attendance management, leave tracking, and roster. It centralises essential HR processes and promotes recognition and reward initiatives within businesses.

By utilising AI and innovative features, Swag streamlines the hiring process for SMEs, freeing up time for business growth and ensuring they find the best talent in the market.

In addition to these time-saving AI features, Swag’s Career feature gives job seekers access to a free jobs board – Swag Jobs, where they can create a digital employment passport and view thousands of job ads across multiple industries. Once candidates have applied for a role, they can access an interactive, real-time messaging function between themselves and hiring managers, keeping jobseekers in the loop at every stage of the hiring journey – whether successful or not.    

“The Swag super app can engage the candidate with the employer in a much more interactive, authentic way. You get direct messaging between the hiring manager and the candidate through the interview and recruitment phase, then Swag becomes the onboarding tool to bring that employee into the business, where it becomes the tool to manage work, and then it’s how you get paid and how you save and spend,” said Thompson.

“Put all that together and you’ve got a unique value proposition for candidates to find and apply for jobs, to be recruited, onboarded, manage their work, and then access benefits and perks that make the most of their pay.”

You can download the app for free in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Singapore, and Malaysia. Swag offers features like AI-generated job descriptions and predictions for future hiring needs, all included in your existing plan without any extra charges.

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Yajush Gupta

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