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Benefits to employees of superior web hosting in their businesses

Benefits to employees of superior web hosting in their businesses
For our UK readers

Web hosting, the way that websites are placed on the internet for people to visit them, is a thriving business that all business which sell online make use of. Many times, hosting is thought of as something that benefits customers or the company, but it’s rarely not examined from an employee standpoint.

There are several benefits to using quality web hosting that support employees. Let’s look at a few of these.

Fast loading times reduce complaints

When a website is hosted on a fast server that isn’t overloaded with other hosted sites, then every page loads faster. This is also true when the server’s processor is faster, there’s more memory installed and solid-state drives are used to speed up data retrieval times.

It’s been shown that slow page loading times cause frustration to visitors who don’t have the patience to wait until the whole page loads. This causes visitors to forget about using the web and calling up to lodge a complaint with customer service who have better things to do.

Customers already have some information when they call

Unlike times in the past when uninformed customers would call up to order something and wouldn’t know what product range you have, now all the information is shown online. Customers can either be referred to the correct page with the right information which is easier to digest than dictating what it says over the phone or they can be helped in other ways.

When customers feel helped, they respond better to staff. This is all possible when websites are fast enough to let visitors find what they want in a reasonable amount of time. Slow hosting fails companies that wish to grow by providing a better service because the speed and functionality of a website is seen by customers as an extension of the business.

Online orders simplify the sales process

For sales staff who used to deal with customer orders all day, their time has now been freed up to deal with their most important customers. These are the companies that place larger orders on a regular basis and typically have special requires and customisations needed. With the additional time not dealing with single item orders, these staff can take better care of the most important clients while building up a good repour with each one of them.

It’s very obvious when the hosting falls down because this situation is then reversed with customers having to call in when an order form fails to load repeatedly or the server fails entirely. It’s important to purchase quality hosting like that from www.certahosting.co.uk because it ensures that staff stay focused on the most important customers based on the 80/20 Pareto principal. In this case, 80% of the profits come from 20% of the customers and priorities need to reflect that reality.

The benefits to employees of good web hosting for their company seems tangential, but when failing to use reliable, fast web hosting, that’s when things really start to fall apart in the office for customer-facing staff especially. When managing IT correctly, staff can focus on their high-minded tasks instead.

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