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It seems there’s an app for everything these days – especially in business – but if you’re not sure which apps to take a chance on, Dynamic Business has you covered.

From productivity to networking, here are 7 great apps for business:


For many business travellers, compiling expense reports can be the worst part of a trip. Expensify is an app that takes the pain out of the process, allowing users to take pictures of receipts that are then scanned into a report. Expensify offers integration with a variety of cloud accounting platforms, including Quickbooks.

MailChimp Mobile

Most marketing experts agree that targeting customers via email is a key strategy.  MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms out there, and their app lets you plan and keep track of your blasts wherever you are.


An oldie but a goodie, the LinkedIn mobile app makes networking on the go a snap. It lets you update your profile, make and endorse connections, and apply for jobs all from the palm of your hand. With the business world still sometimes about who you know and not what you know, LinkedIn is unbeatable.


If your business is still working with fax, eFax is the way to keep the ball rolling on the go. It works through a desktop platform, email, and mobile devices, and its digital signature feature lets users sign faxes online. eFax has a variety of paid plans available to suit businesses of different sizes.

iScope project management

iScope is an iPad app helping users manage projects. Featuring Dropbox integration, the app allows users to create and edit projects, insert attachments, make notes, and share projects with collaborators.


Desk is a platform that can bring all your customer support channels together in one place. The service’s mobile app, a “pocket help desk”, makes it easier than ever to keep customers satisfied.


For those of us that strive to get to Inbox Zero, Mailbox is the app that can make it happen. The cloud-based service lets you swipe messages to your archive or trash folder, or snooze them to come back later when you’re ready to respond to them.


Remote working and business travel means teams can be working on opposite sides of the world, but Skype makes it easy for colleagues to collaborate despite the distance. Skype’s variety of plans allow for seamless video conferences no matter where team members are.

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