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Backing up business data is one of those tasks that many people know they should be doing but often gets put to the bottom of the business owner’s priority list.

If you have been putting off getting a backup system in place consider how you would feel if there was a disaster and all your business information was wiped out. How would your business function and how long would it take to get all the information back?

Here are a few suggestions to help you ensure that your data backups are doing the job they are meant to do.

Consider offsite data backups

Although having a backup system on site is useful it is worth considering what might happen if there is a fire in your building and all your machines are damaged. Offsite data backup is a good idea and can give you an extra element of reassurance that your data will be safe no matter what happens to your building.

Have a contingency plan

Even with the best backup system in the world it will probably take some time to get your business back online after a major data loss. When you are considering your options for backup systems make sure you factor in the time it would take to get things up and running again. What will you do while everything is getting back online and can your business afford to be offline for a significant period of time while you reinstate your systems?

Not all backup systems are created equal – some are quicker than others to restore your data. It is well worth thinking about the impact on your business if your data systems take a long time to restore. What would you do in the meantime to reduce your losses and lessen the impact?

Test your backups

Don’t wait until a major disaster to find out whether your backup systems have worked. Make regular testing a priority so that you can ensure you have a reliable system in place. Testing your backup system on a regular basis can also help you identify any potential issues and find ways to prevent them before they have a chance to damage your business. Don’t rely on the software saying the backups are working; make sure that if they were needed, they would restore your data within the time frame you would need them to.

Don’t leave it too late to implement a backup system for your business. Losing critical data could significantly damage your business and its future. Make sure you have a reliable and efficient backup system in place and you can get on with running your business, knowing that your data is protected against any eventuality.

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James Ackland

James Ackland

James Ackland is the Senior IT Consultant at Hybrid Tech Solutions in Melbourne. With an extensive background in the IT industry, James is passionate about helping businesses grow through well planned and implemented IT systems.

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