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AVG unveils 2012 online security edition

AVG (AU/NZ) has announced the release of its 2012 Internet Security Business Edition, a strong protection security software for SMBs and the latest version of which promises to be faster, lighter and easier to use.

For SMBs, this latest edition delivers greater speed, increased protection, cost savings and time. It demands less smart scanning, interruptions and it is easy to use thanks to its uncluttered management console.

It minimises threats using anti-virus and security protection across e-mail, the Web and emerging threats such as information theft, social engineering and the risks involved with using social media as a marketing tool.

AVG Security Evangelist Lloyd Borrett stressed the importance of protecting your business online.

“More than ever businesses need to be aware that the potential impact of cybercrime must not be underestimated. With our increased dependency on information technology, not protecting your business could mean the end of your business.”

AVG urged businesses to think about online security in terms of corporate governance and brand protection; it is not just a technology debate. Business owners should keep protection updated for all computers and devices that are brought in and out of work by staff, clients and visitors. They should also promote password combinations that include a mix of letters and numbers that are difficult to guess.

According to Borrett, the latest edition aims to be the simplest, most tailored security software for SMBs available.

“With enhanced ergonomics and cost savings, customers can essentially set and forget, with peace of mind that we will take care of the rest while they interact in the connected world.”

In addition, AVG’s Business Resource Centre helps customers stay updated with the latest security trends. Security needs are rarely the same for every organisation, so SMBs can select the protection that is ideal for their business using an online security audit tool. After a short questionnaire about their business, customers receive a detailed report containing tips for increased protection of their data.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012 is available now at www.avg.com.au, and independent software resellers.

Pricing for a one-year, five-seat license for AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012 is $317.20. A one-year, five-seat license for AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2012 is $199.99.

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Liz Trethowan

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