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Credit: Shane Rounce

AI Weekly: Adobe’s Frame.io, Leonardo.Ai and more 

Welcome to AI Weekly, where we delve into the cutting-edge and ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and bring you concise yet comprehensive summaries of the most exciting AI developments. 

Adobe Unveils Enhanced Version of Frame.io to Boost Content Workflow

Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) has launched the latest iteration of Frame.io V4, an adaptable, rapid, and user-friendly creative collaboration platform aimed at streamlining and simplifying workflows throughout content creation and production processes. With the escalating demand for video content, creative teams and organizations often find themselves bogged down by disjointed tools and systems, hindering productivity at every stage of development.

Frame.io V4 is engineered to address the intricate needs of creative teams striving to deliver personalized content at scale by centralizing feedback, minimizing revision cycles, and expediting the delivery of media assets. This next-generation version of Frame.io, unveiled prior to the 2024 NAB Show, will commence its beta rollout today for Frame.io Free and Pro subscribers, with a full launch anticipated later this year for Team and Enterprise customers.

Leonardo.Ai Debuts Enterprise Suite

Leonardo.Ai, an Australian startup poised to become one of the nation’s fastest-growing SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprises, has announced the launch of its inaugural dedicated enterprise offering, Leonardo for Teams. Pioneering the GenAI landscape, Leonardo for Teams is an AI-powered suite engineered to catalyze creative collaboration, enabling multiple creators to collaborate seamlessly and streamline workflows.

With the GenAI sector witnessing exponential expansion and poised for sustained market growth, Leonardo.Ai is committed to meeting enterprises’ escalating demands for efficient, scalable, and compliant asset production. With ‘Leonardo for Teams’ currently available in beta, marketing, design, and creative departments can revolutionize visual asset creation.

Meta Confirms Upcoming Release of Llama 3 Open Source LLM

During an event in London on Tuesday, Meta confirmed its plans for the initial release of Llama 3, the next iteration of its expansive language model utilized to empower generative AI assistants, slated to debut within the next month. This confirmation aligns with a report published on Monday by The Information indicating Meta’s nearing launch.

Chris Cox, Meta’s Chief Product Officer, elaborated that Llama 3 will serve as the backbone for numerous Meta products. Meta has been actively working to catch up to OpenAI, which caught the tech industry off guard with the launch of ChatGPT over a year ago, leading to widespread adoption and integration of generative AI in everyday experiences.

Expansion of Gemma Family Tailored for Developers and Researchers

Google has unveiled new additions to its Gemma family, comprising the Code Gemma and Recurrent Gemma models. These models boast competitive performance and incorporate Federated Inference Memory (FIM) capabilities. The Recurrent Gemma model, characterized by enhanced speed and memory efficiency, stands out. CodeGemma introduces robust yet lightweight coding capabilities to the developer community.

Available variants include a 7B pretrained model specializing in code completion and generation tasks, a 7B instruction-tuned variant tailored for code chat and instruction-following, and a 2B pretrained variant optimized for swift code completion, suitable for local computing environments.

Georgia Tech Collaborates with NVIDIA to Introduce New AI Makerspace

Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering has unveiled an innovative artificial intelligence supercomputer hub tailored exclusively for student education. In partnership with NVIDIA, the initiative, known as the AI Makerspace, is heralded as a digital playground where students can immerse themselves in AI concepts and applications within the classroom.

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