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Set yourself up for business success in less than 10 minutes

Having a great business idea is one thing, but how do you get up and running when the time comes to turn the dream into a reality?

Here are some top tips I’ve learned along the way that make it possible for start-ups and new businesses ideas to succeed and grow:

Creating the best impression

The old adage is true – we’re all guilty of judging a book by its cover. If you want to get people to take your business seriously then you need to look the part. Having meetings with potential clients in cafés or sterile office spaces doesn’t create a great first impression.

Looking at other options for start-ups such a ‘virtual office’ can be a good option, giving you access to 5-star meeting rooms for an hour or two at a time, without carving a huge hole in your budget. You can also use this service to secure a premium business address and phone number manned by a professional receptionist in a matter of minutes.

Always take the call

Similarly, answering your phone when you’re working from home or juggling the kids can make it difficult to give the impression that your client is your number one priority. While hiring a full-time receptionist is ideal, it’s often expensive and an unnecessary cost for businesses just starting out. A virtual office gives you the advantage of having a receptionist available to answer your client calls anytime of the day or night – making you look both professional and on top of your game.

Get the right IT support

Having the right level of IT support will make it easier to focus on your clients and create revenue, without having to worry about internet failures or poor connectivity impacting productivity. For many small businesses it’s worth investing in a service that can look after the day-to-day aspects of IT and will keep your business running smoothly, because, let’s face it, not every business owner is also an IT whiz.

The ability to tap into a cloud-based IT and communications network with a serviced or virtual office along with 24/7 technical support and online access, is one way you can provide solid infrastructure for a growing business.

A place to work – when and where you need it

While small business owners often enjoy the freedom of being able to work anytime, anywhere, there are times when a professional working environment can motivate you and provide focus. Having access to a network of offices and facilities – or even just a phone line and an internet connection – can keep you on track and productive wherever you are in the world.

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Marcus Moufarrige

Marcus Moufarrige

<a href="http://www.servcorp.com.au/">Servcorp</a> Chief Operating Officer Marcus Moufarrige is a prominent IT industry spokesperson in Australia, and a member of the National Standing Committee for Cloud Computing. As the COO of a multinational business, Marcus has a truly global perspective, and is across the key technological issues and regulatory issues relating to the cloud on a daily basis. He is passionate about the transformational role of technology, and was responsible for building Servcorp's global technology platform: growing the organisation into an ASX listed company that has become Australia's second-largest exporter of services. Marcus is a frequent speaker at events on cloud and future workspace related issues.

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