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Blast from the past: Top news of the week

This week has been a major week in small business news. Uber drivers stopped work, labor called for quicker aid for farmers, experts discussed how to have a successful side hustle and a shark tank contestant scored a major deal. 

Drivers stop work, call for Uber pay boost

Tens of thousands of Uber drivers did not pick up passengers during Monday’s morning commute as they protested for fairer conditions. Ride Share Drivers United want Uber to axe its up-front pricing and go back to paying drivers for the actual time and distance travelled, to allow for unexpected traffic, stops or even road closures.

Shark Tank contestant scores major deal

Edwina Sharrock, founder of the start-up Birth Beat and HCF Catalyst program participant, secured a life-changing offer on the season finale of Shark Tank. She shook hands on a $200,000 deal with entrepreneur and business owner Janine Allis, who is committed to securing the future of Birth Beat.

Labor calls for fast drought aid for farmers

Labor has called on the federal government to deliver its cash support payments to drought-stricken farmers faster. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced on Sunday up to $12,000 for eligible households spread across two payments on September 1 and March 1.

How to grow a successful side hustle

There are endless stories of successful entrepreneurs who’ve thrown caution to the wind, giving up everything they own to start a new venture. But, that is not the only option to success. Two entrepreneurs provide inside of how to run a successful side hustle.

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