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Creative Marketing Strategies Part Three: Selling Packages

Creative Marketing Strategies Part Three: Selling Packages
This is part three of the five part series on creative marketing strategies for your business in a downturn. So you know the
basics of marketing and you have learnt how to double your exposure with only half of your marketing budget.  Now it’s time to learn the value and the power of selling packages.

People love packages, especially in tough economic times. They make it easier for people to understand and they present the feeling of value. Look at the products or services you sell and group what you offer into three easy packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

When someone is shopping around for a product or service they generally try and get ‘three quotes’ so that’s why you offer only three packages – also any more it has the potential to confuse the customer with too much choice.

Within your packages try to add savings or at least reduce the cost to the lowest common denominator, for example instead of $1500 up-front promote $600 a month for three months.

You will find that most people will pick the silver or ‘middle’ package so they don’t appear too cheap and they believe they’re getting a better deal than the premium, gold package.

The main thing with packages is that they help you start the sales process and they get the ‘price’ issue or objection out of the way at the beginning.

Finally, once you have set your packages you must promote them through your brochures and your website.

– Tony Eades is the creative director for Brand Manager (www.thebrandmanager.com.au)

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Tony Eades

Tony Eades

Tony Eades is the creative director of the BrandManager, a creative, marketing and communications agency based in Sydney and Perth. He is a business branding expert with more than 20 years experience in design, marketing, advertising and media production.

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