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Online wake up call for small business – top tips to get your business online

The reaction from Australia’s large retailers to competition from international websites should be a wake-up call for businesses to keep up with their customers online, says computer software program company Axios IT.

Online retailAxios IT General Manager Matt Larwood said the retailers’ recent GST campaign demonstrated a widespread need for businesses to improve their ability to capture customers and generate revenue online.

“This should be a wake-up call for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), not only in retail but across all industries, to make themselves relevant to their customers online,” he said.

“There is no question that a growing number of Australians prefer to purchase goods and services online.

“This presents ideal opportunities for established businesses to reach wider audiences, expand their customer base and diversify their revenue streams.

“Price isn’t everything and businesses have the ability to deliver better service and turnaround times to customers if they are able to offer an engaging online

Mr Larwood said that online services required more than just an attractive website.

“A good starting point is to define your target customer for online activities,” he said. “Don’t try to be all things to all people from the outset. Think about who will be most interested in your online product or service and tailor your offering to their needs.

“Once you are established in this space you can expand to a wider audience.”

Mr Larwood said it was important to be clear about how revenue would be generated online.

“Consider how you can develop an online platform that complements or replaces your existing business,” he said.

“For retailers and manufacturers, this will likely be the sale of products online.

“For other industries it might be moving a traditional business model to an online service, enabling them to become more efficient and accessible to customers and reach a worldwide audience without increasing their overheads.

Top tips to develop your business online:
1. Define your target online customer.
2. Consider how to generate revenue online from target customers.
3. Develop a service that complements or replaces your existing business.
4. Ensure your online platform is easy to use.
5. Choose an IT developer with a track record in assisting clients to generate
revenue and increase efficiencies online as well as appropriate accreditation.

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