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Work Health and Safety legislation can be hard to get your head around – after all, there’s a lot of it, and for good reason.

A new series of apps, SOAS Simple Safety, is now here to help make it easier for SMBs to make sure they’re complying with all the relevant legislation.

Emma Bentton, director of Systems on a Shoestring (SOAS), said the apps will help keep employees and businesses safer.

“Business owners are deeply aware that even a minor workplace accident can have significant financial and legal repercussions if they cannot demonstrate their compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation,” Bentton said.

“Business owners must be confident that they have identified the hazards in their workplace and have adequate controls in place to manage these risks,” she said.

The app is tailored to assist over 2 million SMBs in Australia, with customised versions available for businesses including electricians, painters, carpenters, hairdressers, and cafés.

It works by providing a documented system that assists in identifying and controlling hazards, emergency responses, outlines a business owner’s roles and responsibilities, and addresses key areas of a safety system.

Tim Knight, an electrician responsible for workplace safety at Leaver Industries in Brisbane, said the app saves time and cuts through red tape.

“We’ve freed up all the pages of paperwork that we used to have to do, it all just goes straight onto the app,” Knight said.

The app is available from the App Store and through Google Play.

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