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How great branding creates a memorable event

Cultivating a memorable experience is often a key concern for businesses that plan events. From weddings and fundraisers to car shows and sporting events, any successful gathering imparts cachet and professionalism.

And as leading event planners have known for years, the fastest way to grab the attention of your attendees is through a core-branding image. So when your goal is to create a lasting memory, there’s no faster way than with a quality event logo.

Whether you use a simple combination of initials set in an attractive font or get more creative with a logo maker that includes a high quality art catalogue, designing a professional logo that represents the spirit of your event will foster an organised, distinctive tone and even simplify a number of the tasks associated with planning.

With that in mind, here are four of the best reasons to consider a logo for your next event:


It only takes a quick scan through the event section of any local newspaper to see exactly how many events happen on an average day. Whether you’re planning a social gathering or something that caters to a specific industry or trade convention, your first goal should be to separate your event from the pack.

The easiest way to do so is by using a web-based logo maker – yet it’s amazing how many people are still trying to create an “image” without using an actual image. Simplifying the process of differentiation, a professional logo appeals to your target audience and in a very succinct, straightforward way states: this event is the only one of its kind.


From event packets, invitations, posters and credentials to flyers, advertisements and web pages, a professional logo is one of the only elements that can effectively tie all aspects of your event together.

So when using a logo maker, make sure you’re creating a design that will accommodate a wide range of size fluctuation, enabling it to seamlessly appear on the broadest range of materials. In doing so, ask yourself: will this look as good on the side of a building as it will on my letterhead?

Sticky visual image

With the exception of a catchy tune, few things stick in the mind faster than a strong visual image. This fact is particularly useful for those using a logo maker to brand their fund raiser or similar event. A quality logo is unique in that it can make a lasting impression on your donors, especially when included on follow-up emails and thank-you letters – continuing to cultivate donations and participation long after the initial event has ended.

Perfect for take-aways

If you ask people about their favourite part of an event, many will tell you it’s the gift bag. Containing a mix of memorabilia often including key chains, t-shirts, cups and water bottles, the take-away gifts associated with your event provide an additional opportunity to promote your cause by emblazoning each with your unique event logo.

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Tamara Mendelsohn

Tamara Mendelsohn

Tamara loves live music events and tech events focused on positive social change. Tamara leads marketing for Eventbrite; focusing on customer acquisition, retention, and branding. She is passionate about spreading the good word for Eventbrite and the magic of bringing people together through events. She is equally obsessed with the power of social media and believes that technology changes everything. Prior to Eventbrite, Tamara was a senior analyst with <a href="http://www.forrester.com"> Forrester Research</a>, an independent technology research and consulting firm. As an expert on eCommerce technology, multichannel retail, and trends in how consumers integrate technology into shopping, Tamara authored research reports and worked with both retailers and technology vendors to help them shape their strategies. She spoke regularly at industry events, sat on the advisory boards of several industry associations, and has been quoted in top newspapers and journals. Tamara is a graduate of <a href="http://mitsloan.mit.edu">MIT Sloan School of Management </a> and received her bachelor's degree in comparative literature and economics from <a href="http://www.wellesley.edu">Wellesley College</a>.

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