For business’ sake: The top three sacrifices SMB owners make

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Dynamic Business is bringing you our top stories from 2012 over the break. Here’s a great lesson from June 20 on what sacrifices you might have to make as a business owner.

Starting a business is often a dream come true and, for many business owners and managers, sacrifices are part of this dream. New research has uncovered the top three sacrifices SMB owners make for the sake of their business.

When MYOB surveyed more than a thousand SMB operators about the sacrifices they had made to support their business, more than 80 percent have had to make some sort of sacrifice since they started it.

These were the top three:

  1. Nearly two thirds (64 percent) have had to put in extra hours of work
  2. More than 50 percent has taken fewer holidays than they could have (53 percent) and 29 percent had not taken any holidays at all
  3. Nearly half had cut back on family and/or household expenses (45 percent).


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