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How to stay focused on your vision for your business  

When you run a business, you will find there are daily challenges to deal with, all of which can take your mind and your focus away from the main aim of doing what is required to make the business grow. There are some important tips to remember if you find that this is happening, and to make sure that you are able tofocus once more.

Make a schedule

You might come into work with a list of things to do, but because you become distracted doing one job that leads to another and another, the time you go home, you may not have got a lot done. So that doesn’thappen, it’s a good idea to make a schedule that you can easily stick to. Spend an hour on emails, and then some time on marketing, and so on until everything is done.

Have realistic expectations

If you think you’re going to get a huge amount done and expect that to be the case every day but then find that you aren’t reaching your targets, don’t get upset about it. The problem probably isn’t how much you’re working, but that your expectations weren’t realistic tobegin with. If you set more realistic goals, then you will achieve them more easily and be motivated to stay focused and get more done.


Something that can really cause a problem when it comes to your ability to focus are tasks that you are doing that you could easily outsource. This might be your taxes, for example, which a company such as Tax Return could do for you instead, or any number of other things. You need to focus on the business and doing what you are good at, and being distracted by the things you don’t enjoy or that you don’t have the skill set foris not helping. Therefore, outsource where possible.

Take a walk

Sometimes you will be distracted and unable to focus because there is so much going on and you just don’t know where to start. If you’re feeling confused and stressed out, step away from your desk and ideally leave the office altogether. Take a walk in the fresh air and take some time to relax and become calm before returning to work. You’ll find that the issues you were facing are more easily solved after taking this break, and you’ll feel more inclined to focus as well. Sometimes a break is much more important than struggling on.

Find a mentor

Another good way to stay focused is to find a mentor who can help you out when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This could be someone in the same field as you, or you might choose someone who is good at business in general. They don’t necessarily have to know a lot about your sector to be able to help you with the general business challenges that you might be facing. They will be able to keep you focused and help you to move forward.

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