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Blog your way to business success, with the below tips.

  • Blog at least twice a week. People like fresh content and having an updated blog will give you a better chance of scoring more followers. Just add two 30-minute windows in your calendar and stick to it!
  • Add a blog-roll to your blog. A blog-roll is simply an area where you list other blogs that you enjoy. It gives you another way to add value to your readers.
  • Make sure to include your important keywords. Search engines evaluate blogs just like websites and look to match words that were searched with words on your blog.
  • Hurl your URL! That’s just a catchy phrase to remember to always have a link to your main website. A blog should act as a credibility statement for you or your company. When your reader is ready to learn more about you, give them an easy way to get to your website!
  • Use blogger.com or wordpress.com. These are both free and easy-to-use blogging sites that will serve you very well if you’re just getting started.
  • Give people a reason to comment on your blog. Ask questions or create a fun incentive for people who comment on your blog.

—Corey Perlman is the author of the number one Amazon.com bestseller eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business. Find out more at www.ebootcampbook.com

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