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Did you know that 10 percent of an average company’s travel spend is wasted on unused tickets? And it’s not uncommon for travel coordinators to spend up to an hour a day on a simple point-to-point domestic booking which would have taken five minutes through an experienced travel manager.

If you don’t already have a travel policy, now’s the time. Update it and monitor it regularly to ensure compliance.

Top tips include:

  • Plan meetings and associated travel well in advance to take advantage of reduced air, hotel and rental car deals.
  • Reap the financial rewards of booking non-flexible airfares: you can save up to 40 percent of the cost by flying non-flexible one-way.
  • Many airlines now offer great business class alternatives such as premium economy.
  • If you know your destination, hire a car for the day rather than use taxis. In Melbourne that could cost you just $70 versus $150.

Smart travel is travel which fits your needs and the needs of your team – it’s about getting the balance right so that you enjoy savings, flexibility and value for money. For more information visit www.travelscenecorporate.com

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