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Businesses recruiting in the current downturn who withhold important information regarding the direction and future plans of the company, may find themselves in a legal battlefield, according to Harmers Workplace Lawyers.

Partner at Harmers Workplace Lawyers, Shana Schreier-Joffe has provided the following advice to employers currently hiring:

  • Be upfront as much as possible about the state of the business, the performance and outlook of the industry it is operating in, and any planned or potential changes to the business.
  • Avoid overstating the role or the performance of the business – be conservative in your estimation of future business performance.
  • When preparing ahead of any interviews or written materials, carefully consider the wording chosen and ensure they create an objective and accurate picture of the company.
  • If there are potential workplace changes that are of a particular concern or likely to impact that role, and which may leave the company at risk of litigation, ensure that they are disclosed to the potential employee. If it will significantly impact the role performed by the potential employee or the employee’s ongoing employment, then ensure details are recorded in writing in the letter of offer or contract of employment.
  • Ensure that recruitment agents do not represent the role or company in a manner than is inaccurate.

For more information, please visit Harmers Workplace Lawyers.

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