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A unique business idea is essential for a start-up to stand out in the marketplace. However some ideas end up being more weird than wonderful.  

Here are five of the strangest business ideas around.

Eau de Pizza Hut fragrance

Talk about a mouth-watering scent that literally attracts people to you. Pizza Hut Australia launched the fragrance on Valentines Day 2013, which features Pizza Hut’s signature scent of freshly baked dough and seasoning. If you’re the world’s leading pizza restaurant company, with more than 13,000 stores globally, you can probably afford to try this kind of wacky marketing idea. Small businesses might want to think twice.

Handmade food phone cover

The Survival Senbei iPhone 5 case is edible, made entirely from Japanese brown rice and salt. Mariko, entrepreneur businesswoman and master senbei artisan, came up with the idea to make the traditional snack appealing to the younger generation. We’re not sure how well it worked but at just $US 69 you can ensure you’ll survive an emergency or natural disaster.

MeatWater Protein Drink

It looks like Vitamin Water, but read the list of ingredients carefully… you might actually be drinking a beef salad flavoured drink. New Yorker Till Krautkraemer founded the MeatWater beverage which sells mouthwatering flavours like Beef Jerky, Cheese Burger, Fish’n Chips and Peking Duck. If you want to finish your meal in a minute, feel free to try this.

Dinner in the sky

22 guests can enjoy a unique dining experience while being suspended at a height of 50 metres at their own desired location. Belgian entrepreneurs David Ghysels and Stephan Kerkhofs take dining to a whole new level. Dinner in the Sky is approved by Australian Safety Standards and is TUV certified. But how many people would actually want to try this dining experience without saying goodbye to their loved ones first?

Virtual dating assistants

Online dating specialists can help you attract women online by writing dating profiles, breaking the ice with women and setting up dates for the bargain price of $1,440 per month. Scott Valdez founded the business in 2009 after hiring a man to set up dates for himself and then later being bombarded with men who wanted to learn his tricks. They say outsourcing is the next big thing.

Let us know what you think. Are these business ideas good or bad? Feel free to let us know some interesting ideas you’ve come across.

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Amy Pun

Amy Pun

Amy Pun is a journalist at Dynamic Business and Dynamic Export. Amy is interested in online journalism and social media. She is studying in her 4th year at the University of Sydney doing Bachelor of Arts Media and Communications and Bachelor of Law. She's looking forward to working with the DB team!

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