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Here’s a checklist of inspiration for aspiring exporters. Our collection of 50 favourite export case studies shows that there is no magic ingredient to making it to the world stage, but it certainly helps to get the basics right.

Unistraw International

Exporting since: 2006

Key markets: South Africa, New Zealand, Europe.

Unistraw has come a long way from the prototype for an innovative and award-winning straw that was made with a pair of women’s stockings. Now, thanks to the Unistraw Delivery System of its Sippah and Mai’a Iced Coffee straws, flavour is delivered through special beads as you sip the straw. And there is potential to deliver vitamins and pharmaceuticals the same way. Since its inception in 2005, Unistraw has produced 400 million Sippah straws.

Interest in the brand grew from trade show attendance in Germany in 2005, but it wasn’t until early 2006 that the first sale was made into South Africa—into McDonalds.

They now distribute to more than 100 countries, which is unheard of for such a young Australian company in this industry, which is why Unistraw was awarded the Emerging Exporter award at the recent Australian Export Awards.

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