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Using teleconferencing to reduce costs and improve productivity

Using teleconferencing to reduce costs and improve productivityTeleconferencing is not a new technology, but is becoming more important and seeing increased usage as businesses cut down on the high costs of transport and travel.

It’s extremely convenient because you can interact and collaborate with people without having to leave your office. By cutting out travel associated with face to face meetings you can save time and increase productivity. It allows you to run ad-hoc meetings, connect with your customers and suppliers more frequently, and communicate effectively while out of the office.

Not only does teleconferencing help you save on transport and travel costs it also helps reduce your carbon footprint.

What is teleconferencing?
Audio conferencing allows you to hold meetings with customers and suppliers anywhere in the world over the phone. There is no hardware needed and you don’t need to make a reservation or have an operator present on the call. It is easy to use, cost effective and available 24/7 – which makes it great for both regular and last minute meetings.

Web conferencing lets you add visuals to your phone meeting. It allows you to present slides, demonstrate software, provide technical support, and conduct web tours over the internet. There is no software or hardware needed. All you and your participants need is a computer with internet access.

How much will I save?

If you analyse the costs of typical face to face meetings, you really can start to see the savings your company can make by using teleconferencing instead.

Face to face meeting (Across town)
Taxi across town or parking $30
Business lunch for two $60

Teleconferencing (Across town)
Audio component $5
Web component (optional) $15

Face to face meeting (Interstate)
Return flight from Sydney to Melbourne $250
Taxi across town OR parking $30
Business lunch for two $60
TOTAL $340

Teleconferencing (Interstate)
Audio component $6
Web component (optional) $15

Teleconferencing can not only save your business time and money, but improve your bottom line and increase productivity.

For a free teleconferencing trial with no contracts, monthly fees or set-up costs, visit Budget Conferencing

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