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Using Freelancer.com to create a global team

2.7 million professionals are readily available on Freelancer.com to build an entrepreneur’s or small business’ global team, costing business owners as little as $30, according to CEO Matt Barrie.

“Building a global team on a shoestring budget for any entrepreneur or small business is now a realistic, mainstream concept,” Barrie said.

Barrie believes strongly that outsourcing results in quality output while simultaneously reducing costs.

“We estimate that the US$100 million in projects paid out through the site has saved businesses around US$1 billion in equivalent skilled labor costs in industrialised economies.”

At Freelancer.com businesses post a project on the site, after which millions of professional freelancers globally bid to complete the work.

Starting from just US$30, with the average job completed under US$200, the website offers a wide range of services.

You can get virtually anything done, whether it’s designing a website, data entry or something as esoteric as designing an iPhone app so you can propose to your girlfriend!”

Barrie is also very proud of the Milestone Payment system process. By withholding payment until the employer is fully satisfied with the delivered work, Freelancer.com believes it guarantees employers to receive only the highest quality and timely work.

“Employers want to know they’re hiring reliable and capable freelancers, so these decisions are not determined by price alone, but a combination of a freelancer’s bid, their reputation, and suitability to the task –determined by factors such as adherence to submission dates, quality of work and part employer feedback.”

When giving freelancers advice, Barrie suggests they understand their reputation is the most valuable long-term asset, and they should go above and beyond to provide exactly what businesses need.

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