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Growing pains: When is it time to move out of your home office?

So, you struck out on your own and things are going pretty well. You’ve got a decent size client list, some big projects lined up, and the money’s coming in. Maybe you’ve been working with a few freelancers or thinking about putting on a few staff to help you grow your business further. Sure, working from home has its perks (taking phone calls in your pajamas, zero rent, spending more time with the family),and renting a professional office has its costs, but if you want to get serious about growing your business a professional office is inevitable.

Here are 5 sure signs that it’s time to move.

1. It’s time to hire someone

You can’t hire a full time employee and expect them to cram into your spare bedroom with you, and juggle their work around your kids coming home from school and other familial interruptions. Once you put out that ad for your first employee, it’s time to bite the bullet get yourself an office.

2. Legal and safety issues

Depending on the type of business you run, it may not just be uncomfortable to work in your home office, it may be illegal. Working with chemicals or industrial materials may be forbidden if your home is in a residentially zoned area. On top of making you uncomfortable your cramped workspace could be a health and safety risk. The last thing you want to risk is legal action because somebody injured themselves. Play it safe, if you need more space it’s time to move.

3. You need a little brand boost

Depending on the type of business, moving your office to a prominent location could have promotional benefits. High street locations can increase foot traffic and increase positive brand perception, while moving close to your competitors can create an ‘industry hub’, where people will travel specifically to find the products or services that you and your competitors offer. Sure, rent can be expensive, but the additional revenue you attract could offset this.

4. Productivity is Lagging

At home, there are a lot of distractions. Do you find yourself indulging in long, long lunches with your partner? Or maybe you find the spring sunshine inspires you to “seize the day” more often than not. If you find yourself procrastinating, a professional office can help you focus and increase your productivity. The simple psychology of commuting to the office and committing to a regular 9 to 5 day can ensure you focus on the tasks at hand.

5. Social Interaction

We all love a little peace and quiet. It’s great for working through the tough problems and thinking out your strategy. But at a certain point, we all need social interaction. Being in an office with other people can inspire us, challenge us, let us bounce our ideas of other people, or even just give us that endorphin charge from a few laughs in the morning. Social interaction is a necessary part of life, so make sure you’re not isolating yourself.

It can be a tough decision to move out of your office, and there are a lot of costs involved. Make sure you take all the costs into account before you decide. Check out the average rent in the area you’re looking at, estimate your monthly utility bills, look at furniture costs, and get a free moving quote for moving into the new office. Once you’re certain it’s the right decision, it’s time to move out into the real world!

About the author:

Chan Plett is a professional content writer for the web and self-proclaimed moving expert, after having moved nearly once or twice every year for the past eight years. She’s written for Nordstrom, Eventbrite, and several online blogs.

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