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Hi Colin

We seem to be making better progress in the last 24 hours due to a bit of encouragement. We have got the top drop down menus working correctly. The  Register screen, lost password screen and the login screens are all looking good,

More than half the tasks Amanda put up yesterday have been done overnight.

The loading of the DMOZ data to the Business Directory is proving problematic and I am wondering if we need to crawl something else like the Yellow Pages to get a base of data in or alternatively just throw it open to your readers and encourage them to populate it with the 1st 1000 businesses getting a year for nothing.

I will make a call on the DMOZ work at the end of the day, the guy working on it is not an expert on DMOZ and is having problems and I am considering putting it out to bid on one of the project boards as a separate project.

Amanda has started logging her own comments on the Change Request List which is great, nice to get one of the team working on the system before its time to start loading articles. She seems to have picked it up really easily.

We have a key few functional and layout tasks to get through this week and then I believe that we will be ready for your team to start loading data, these include;

  1. Business Directory Layout and data population
  2. Business Directory Payment Gateway
  3. Subscription Payment Gateway
  4. Subscription page
  5. Procedure for standard front page layout
  6. Front page featured story layouts
  7. 2nd level page layouts as detailed by Colin
  8. few minor touch ups on menus
  9. RSS feed subscribe box (to be put somewhere as decided by Colin and Mike
  10. Poll layout

Amanda is updating some of the things she wants changed on the system as we go through, if theres any comments you want to make, get her to show you haow to logon and post an article.

I think by Dec 1st we will be in a position to start uploading, can you please let me know when the team is ready for doing this (ie their downtime between issues) 






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