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  1. Menu needs to go to 130px wide box size to be 25px DONE
  2. Bevel the buttons on Business and Franchsise directory DONE
  3. Arrow and text red on rollover and hit get rid of the red bar on rollover and hit  DONE
  4. Red arrow points down when menu item is highlighted and submenu drops down ARROW IS DONE, WE STILL NEED TO GET THE LOWER LEVEL MENUS DONE REST MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  5. Submenu rollover highlights red and arrow highlights red on rollover TO BE COMPLETED DONE
  6. change search box, get rid of the square around it, put the bar below it, right justify the RSS feed change button to one supplied DONE
  7. Red headings and rollovers to #cc0000  DONE
  8. Darkgray #666666 DONE
  9. light grey #cccccc DONE
  10. #ffffff light grey DONE
  11. Check if menus can bighloghted at the top at the same time as the side where appropriate MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  12. change menu colors to the layout as dranw on the working paper DONE
  13. News RSS feed headings to change to #0066CC DONE
  14. News RSS feed text to change to black DONE
  15. News RSS headings to Grey #999999 put padding below the heading DONE
  16. Get rid of outline/border on top and bottom of the newsfeed heading box DONE
  17. How to guides. List 10 guides. Box background to be #CCCCCC text #666666 and little arrows for LI (list item) rollover to  standard red for Item and Arrow DONE
  18. Page title red background needs to grow and shrink with size of the page heading text. DONE
  19. Need to put a welcome "name" into the header bar below the Sign in button DONE
  20. change the Signup to signin DONE
  21. Move the login form to top area below the search and RSS feed area DONE
  22. Move RSS Feed subscribe from the search area DONE
  23. Registration screen needs table background in light grey and border in dark grey with drop shadow around box MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  24. Change Rego screen field description backgrounds to medium grey and font to dark gray with uppercase MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  25. Big red button with bevel and Register down at the bottom MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  26. Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of use MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  27. Need to flag database with registered user that they have not agreed to privacy policy.MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  28. Subscription screen needs current issue pic in the box alongside the subscription info MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  29. change to 5 Features/articles, in current issue on front screen (randomise if possible) DONE
  30. replace the Issue photo with a Main Article Photo MOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  31. Speak to SMH about using their feedsMOVED TO CHANGE LOG
  32. change the Issue Header to be the Main Article Tittle DONE
  33. Polls to go under the 5 articles on front page DONE

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