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Every business needs skilled and knowledgeable staff. We take a look at some of the innovative training resources and staff development tools available and the costs to small and medium businesses to increase productivity.

 To achieve growth and success, business owners need to plan for a more active approach to staff development.

According to Shane Cassidy, owner of Strategix Consulting—a business performance consultancy specialising in training and development—workplaces need to become more skilled, dynamic and innovative through training to be competitive and to increase productivity. This is in line with information from training.com.au which says, “to remain productive and competitive in global markets, trainingand lifelong learning should be encouraged in all areas, and at all levels of your business”.

However, when it comes to training in the workplace small business is often reactive rather than proactive. Cassidy explains that training conducted ad hoc is often in response to an incident whereas having a training strategy can be more effective by avoiding incidents in the first place. “The management of an organisation needs to have a strategic view. If they know where they want to go, then a training strategy can be designed,” he says.

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