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Hi Guys,

Just a few more things that i think need fixing.

I'm not sure some of the changes from yesterday were understood completely, as there have been some incorrect changes. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call to clarify.


1. How to guides on Home page, please make the banner bthe same dark grey as the other banners. Done

2. The arrows on How to Guides should be grey, and when rolled over, turn red.   DoneMore updates to DB website

3. can we please align the text  on the how to guides. it is falling into the area where the arrow is, it should all ligh

   up to the left, and sit across from the arrow    Done

4. This is just an observation..but im wondering if twhen you rollover the left menu  and the red arrow turns to face downwards, – does it have to refresh the whole page? It loses the effect of the arrow swivle downwards.,.. as  it refreshes in the middle of the swivle. hope that makes sense..

5.  On the left menu, in the drop downs, the red arrow that pops up when you roll down the list, they should be on the left of the word, as before.     Done

6. Can we have a bit of padding between the left menu and the main area of content. at the moment it is butting right up against the menu .      Done

7. Can the drop down on the main menu across the top, be a full colour background. no breaks . at the moment you can see the dark grey underneath as a bar under the word. It should all be in the light grey..  Done



I am working on a site map, at the moment so should be easier to understand where pages go etc. I have needed the sitemap to work from, so the artwork will probably follow the site map sometime tomorrow i hope.

I will check again tomorrow fto see how these changes are going.


Thanks guys!



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